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If you were injured on the job, need a DOT medical exam, or a pre-employment physical, you need to see an occupational medicine physician. The board-certified physicians at Congress Orthopaedic Associates include occupational medicine specialists with DOT certification and years of experience diagnosing and treating work-related injuries and illnesses. If you have questions or need help for health concerns associated with your job, call the office in Pasadena or Arcadia, California, or schedule an appointment online today.

Occupational Medicine Q & A

What is occupational medicine?

Occupational medicine involves all aspects of work-related health issues. Physicians who specialize in occupational medicine diagnose and treat workplace injuries and illnesses, and provide physical exams required by employers or other agencies. They also help you prevent accidents and diseases caused by your job or work environment.

Does occupational medicine include workers’ compensation injuries?

Yes, the occupational medicine specialists at Congress Orthopaedic Associates diagnose and treat health conditions that fall under workers’ compensation.

You qualify for worker’s compensation when you suffer an injury, illness, or medical condition at work or while doing your job. Employers carry workers’ compensation insurance, which covers medical and hospital expenses, lost wages, disability payments, rehabilitation, and job retraining if needed. 

If you want workers’ compensation coverage, you need to tell your employer about your work-related health condition, get a medical evaluation at Congress Orthopaedic Associates, and file a claim.

Does occupational medicine cover DOT or pre-employment physicals?

The occupational medicine physicians at Congress Orthopaedic Associates provide pre-employment physicals as required by your employer. They’re also fully certified to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals.

Anyone who wants to get or renew a CDL must have a DOT physical exam. After completing a comprehensive exam, your provider completes a certificate verifying you’re physically capable of safely operating a commercial vehicle.

If you have a condition that interferes with getting a CDL, your provider may recommend and provide treatment. Most health conditions won’t stop you from getting a CDL as long as they’re treated and properly managed.

What services do occupational medicine specialists provide?

Congress Orthopaedic Associates provides a full range of services, including the convenience of on-site X-rays and MRIs.

The services available through the occupational medicine specialists at Congress Orthopaedic Associates include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Physical exams
  • Injury treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Drug testing
  • Impairment ratings
  • Musculoskeletal evaluations
  • Work restriction evaluations
  • Return-to-work evaluations
  • Fitness-for-duty evaluations
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Durable performance equipment

At Congress Orthopaedic Associates, you receive immediate treatment for your injuries, ongoing medical care, pain management, and the physical therapy needed to rehabilitate and get back to work.

Your provider completes the reports required and submits all the paperwork on time. They also coordinate your care and talk with your employer or case manager as needed.

If you need an occupational medicine specialist, you can count on Congress Orthopaedic Associates. Call the office or book an appointment online today.